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Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

We extend a cordial welcome to all those who have graced the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare with their presence.

Communication, an essential facet of existence for all living organisms, particularly humans, lies at the very core of healthcare. Proficient communication not only enhances an individual's capacity to interact harmoniously with their own physical and mental faculties but also empowers them to establish meaningful connections with others. Healthcare practitioners, in particular, wield the potential to offer superior care when they communicate adeptly with a patient's physiological and psychological aspects, their family, and the broader societal context to which both patient and caregiver are inexorably linked.

The Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare stands as a scholarly institution unwavering in its commitment to propel the field of medical communication forward through pioneering research endeavors and the advocacy of practical application. Since its inception in September 2006, the academy has convened a diverse assembly of members, including experts in medical communication, professionals from domains such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, as well as scholars and educators representing a multitude of academic disciplines spanning the humanities and social sciences. Together, we collectively steer the evolution of medical communication through scholarly discourse and collaborative initiatives.

We endeavors to furnish palpable value by disseminating the latest research findings, thereby enriching the healthcare arena. Furthermore, we are resolute in our pursuit of fostering robust networking among domestic and international researchers, fostering international exchanges and collaborations through academic conferences and workshops, and playing a pivotal role in elevating the standing of medical communication research within the Republic of Korea. Moreover, we are dedicated to supporting the educational and practical endeavors of our members, nurturing expertise in the domain of medical communication through diverse educational and training opportunities, and ultimately promoting academic advancement.

It is my firm conviction that through these collective endeavors, the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare shall earn admiration and esteem both within the healthcare sphere and the realm of academia, thereby contributing substantively to the enhancement of healthcare quality, patient safety, and satisfaction. To realize these aspirations, I pledge my utmost dedication as the president of our esteemed academy. Moreover, the attainment of this laudable objective necessitates the cooperation and active participation of our esteemed colleagues. Together, through incremental strides, we shall assuredly transform this noteworthy vision into reality.

With highest regards,

Dr. Yoo, Sang-Ho

President, Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare