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It is the honor to welcome visit to this homepage. I appreciate your interest bestowed to the field of healthcare communication.

With the fusion of medical science and IT technology, the healthcare Information has increased rapidly both in terms of volume and diversity. However, new problems has arisen, among which the lack of communication and the human alienation thereof are salient. The Academy was established in 2006 with the concerted efforts of experts from various fields to enhance healthcare communications and thereby solve the problems.

Since the establishment, the Academy has promoted the multidisciplinary approaches among academic fields such as humanities, medical science and nursing science. For this, the Academy has hosted the spring and the autumn conferences every year, while publishing the 'Health Communication' journal continuously.

Now, the Academy is facing a challenge to leap forward. The environment is changing with the growing numbers of medical participants and clients, the cultural diversification thereof, and the proliferation of new technologies such as AI or SNS. Thus, the need for effective communication in the healthcare activities is bigger than ever.

Facing the task, the Academy will be an effective theater where new approaches to the emerging issues of healthcare communication are explored, while the reality-oriented knowledge is shared for the better medical practice and education. Also, the Academy will continue to emphasize the value of humanity and love in communication, with the belief that this will devote the realization of a society where medical personnels and clients enjoy a happier life together.

Appreciating the warm interest again, I more than expect the continuing supports from you.

President, Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare
Moon-Hee Ko