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Since the establishment of the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare in 1996,
we have made a big step toward solving the homework of communication between patients and
medical personnel.

The Academy is conducting practical research through multidisciplinary approach of humanities and social scientists as well as physicians, dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals who care about the importance and necessity of communication in the medical field. We present and publish these results through two academic conferences every year and through the academic journal 'Health Communication'. I believe that this achievement is a fruit of the affection and efforts of all members of the Academy.

Now that we are in the new decade, there are a number of challenges we have to overcome in order for our Society to leap forward. First of all, active participation of the members is necessary. Currently, more than 1,000 medical personnel, humanities scholars, sociologists, and medical field practitioners are members, but there are not many people involved in the activities of the society. I hope that this website of Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare will be a place for members to participate.

The foundation of our Society is a multi-disciplinary approach. We believe that it is our main role to share the research results of researchers in various fields of communication, and to continuously prepare activities to be applied in the medical field through academic journals and conferences.

We ask for your interest so that the new website becomes an arena for active participation of members in medical communication research and practice. Thank you.

President of Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare
Roh, Yong Kyun MD